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What Our Clients Say

Excellent work merits recognition.

I love my new home. I extend my compliments to everyone at Bluestone Homes Inc. both for the quality of the home’s workmanship and the entire purchasing process. Unquestionably, the purchase of my home was the most pleasant and easiest residential purchase I have made.
- V. Silvia

“The communication between me and my builder was excellent.”
- R. Kohli
“I have told everyone who has asked how pleased I am with my new home.”
- R. Klein
“Bluestone Homes provide a personalized service along with a high standard in quality.”
- W. Lee
“Despite the tight purse strings, Bluestone delivered. Truly, a customized home build at its finest.”
- L. Drake

Unlock your full potential.

Each project is unique, and begins with a pencil and paper. Bluestone Homes assists in site selection, custom design plan, and with our specialization in construction, we oversee the management side, and collaboration with all consultants and trades to ensure work is completed as envisioned.

Here are the features you’ll want.

As a family owned home building company, we pride ourselves on thinking of you as our own. One of the first things we do is have the owner sit down with you, and review what you would like to see. With a small dedicated office, we work hard to ensure your trust is earned when handling one of the most important decisions of your life, your home.